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Kaspersky Lab Launcher still running after uninstallation


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I am running windows 10 21H2 build 19044.2486 and i downloaded the kaspersky removal tool to remove Kaspersky from my PC, it found the 2 products, Internet Security and the VPN, it asked me to reboot after using the removal tool on each one which i did, yet after restarting multiple times Kaspersky Lab Launcher is still running in task manager, and i cannot stop it or remove it.


Every post i have found online points to the kaspersky removal tool, which i used but the problem is still there, the removal tool finds no further kaspersky products, program manager finds no kaspersky products to uninstall yet it remains running and using a lot of memory, how do i get rid of it?

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Brilliant, a link to a software tool i CLEARLY stated i used to remove everything Kaspersky but the problem still remains............ are you a bot?  I even also CLEARLY stated every forum or search online points to the Kavremover tool.............. which i already used.


Is there any chance a human being can provide any kind of help that actually removes this product from my PC?


If you are not a bot, any chance you could scroll back up and actually read what i wrote?


Thank you.

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