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kaspersky internet security bug with postgresql on Windows 10 X64

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Hi ~~~

I am C++ programmer Using postgresql as database server ... 

as an indie programmer my software use almost 23 mega of ram and that's ok for me

but when i switched to kaspersky internet security a new problem show up ~~! my software in a second after connecting to the host of (postgresql)

ram usage rise to almost 68.7 and sometimes to 87 mega ... those data from Task Manager .. and even in application watcher 

that happen only when i am using kaspersky 

i tried to uninstall it and problem fixed ..

i don't know where the problem i am not an expert of windows api yet ! 

but i am sure kaspersky scan engine is using postgres and affecting it 

and affecting my software too ... is there any solution ~~! ? 

many thanks ...

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no i didn't but as i tested kaspersky was affecting postgresql not my software .. i have so many softwares using the same database and the same problem !

by the way my softwares was in low restricted group

and i can't tell every user to set postgresql in exclusion rule .. that would lead to some sort of suspicious pattern of thinking ?

i am sure there's so many softwares which using the same database affected .. but they didn't notice the problem 

Queries and everything works great .. only when connecting to the host something in kaspersky create a memory leak in postgres ... and this is really bad problem for me ..

most of the users in my country using it 

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