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Kaspersky Internet Security 2021 (KIS) not allowing Thunderbird connection to Virginmedia email server

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windows 10 Pro 21 H2

Kaspersky Internet Security

My problem seemed initially to be the same as "Secure traffic in Microsoft Windows...is not monitored” I have 5 KAV certificates. Why, and which one do I use with Mozilla apps?".  There were warnings in the KIS interface which I couldn’t get rid of despite following the advice about exporting the Kaspersky trusted certificate and entering it into Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird storage, which I did. I followed Schulz's advice re changing the store used within KIS and opening and closing Thunderbird. I also reconfigured Thunderbird and Firefox to use the system’d certificate storage. This worked partially in that the error messages within the KIS interface disappeared, but Thunderbird is still being blocked from connecting to the Virgin Media server and cannot pick up or send messages via Virgin's servers. Can someone help please?


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Dear Berny, I use SMTP so added my SMTP and IMAP server addresses. Still no joy unfortunately. I also whitelisted Thunderbird which again unfortunately didn’t help.  I am still getting a notification from Thunderbird saying it has been blocked. Screenshot attached (I hope).



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Dear Schulte and everyone else that helped me.

It worked! I’m sorry it’s taken so long to come back to you but I have a mental problem concerning memory which means that tasks that take others 5 minutes take an age for me. I hate setting up email for that reason, but it works now. So Thank you all.

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