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Kaspersky Internet Security 2020 replace the old version automatically to 2021 version


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Hello @MirceaForce

Kaspersky have changed the version upgrade process, as follows:

  • When a new version is available, Kaspersky begin a staggered global distribution; the new version will arrive “silently”, that means, you will not know, there is nothing the KIS application will immediately show that a new version is available, if the machine is not shutdown/rebooted after 7 days, in the Windows Taskbar, Kaspersky icon will be red → image 1, the Notification center will show a Recommendation similar to image 2 & 3, in (your) MyKaspersky account, Devices tab, there will be a similar Recommendation and in (your) MyKaspersky account, Notification Center, there will be a similar Recommendation (no images available atm)





In (your) case, now, due to the new “auto” process, (you) rebooted the machine & discovered a new version had been applied, that would indicate the new version had arrived at some stage in a period that did not exceed 7 days, you rebooted the machine, (because that’s what we do), not knowing a new version was waiting; how could you; there’s no information available, unless the arbitrary 7 day period has expired; & voila, “discovered” a new version. 

Thank you🙏


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yes I know this settings already but this is also for Idle and rootkit ?

Hello @MirceaForce

In 21.2 the Background scan → image 1, also referred to, in Kaspersky 21.2 documentation, as Idle scan combines the Idle scan & Rootkit scan that were in 21.5 → image 2




The Background scan is automatic, it cannot be scheduled or changed to suit users, apart from turning it off.

We reached out to Kaspersky Technical Support, to explain Kaspersky’s Background scan, this is what the Supervisor said:


  • "Background Scan". Usually when the machine is on Idle like it is locked / Screensaver or no processes are going on such a scan will be performed.
  • Previously it use to be only visible in reports as "Idle scan" but now there is a option on the Scan interface.
  • Background scan is the Idle scan just the name has been changed.
  • Background scan is "Full Scan" and everything will be scanned once it is performed automatically.
  • It is Full Scan because it is performed when the machine is idle.
  • It is called Idle scan because it is performed when the machine is Idle. We are using both names Idle and Background so, that we can relate to previous and current version.
  • This is a application for home users who are not very tech savvy and including information like these will simply confuse them but on the application we have explained what is the scope of the scan.
  • Idle or background scan is Full scan because it is performed when no one is using the machine and all the resources can be put together for extensive scan. 
  • Root kit scan is always performed with Full scan and Background scan. 
  • The Background scan will only run when the machine is Idle. Else it will stay on stand by till the machine is idle.
  • Background scan will run whenever the computer is idle for more than 5 - 10 minutes, it will auto start or other conditions will be screensaver or lock screen.
  • The reason Background scan cannot be controlled is because it is automated scan & this is to help users when they forget to scan or setup schedule that is why if someone doesn't want it it can disabled and replaced with manual or scheduled scans. 


Thank you🙏


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