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Kaspersky Hardware Virtualization

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I’m looking at using Hyper-V on my system (Windows 10 Pro 1909) which is running KIS 2020.

When I enable Hyper-V, Kaspersky gives a message that “Hardware virtualization is not available.”  When I Disable Hyper-V again, the message in Kaspersky goes away, so it looks like Hyper-V is indeed the culprit.


Can anyone tell me what hardware virtualization is used for in Kaspersky?  The help files seem to suggest it might be used for Safe Money?  Is it OK to run KIS without virtualization?



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Thanks for the reply @Berny.  Do you know what security I would be giving up by not using HW virtualization?  I can understand that it’s recommended of course, but I’m curious in what capacity it’s used for protection.


Thanks again! :)

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