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Kaspersky Green Shield - hover over, no green bordered box.

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Rather than go into lengthy explanations, I hope the attached screenshot will show what’s going on.
The little green shields worked properly on my free trial, when you hovered over them you got a little green bordered box. Now I’ve purchased the product, this doesn’t happen.
Running Windows 10 Home. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled KSC, and no alteration in this situation.
I have looked through the forum, but don’t see this particular issue as current.
Any help anyone can give, I would be most grateful.
Thank you.

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@Saoirse  Welcome.

Please try this  :

KSC → Settings :
→ Web Anti-Virus → Advanced settings → URL Advisor → Disable [Check URLs] → Save
→ Web Anti-Virus → Advanced settings → URL Advisor → Enable [Check URLs] → Save


Also :

  • Please specify Browser and Kaspersky Extension versions ?
  • Please check with another Browser ?


Kaspersky OnLine Help :  Web Anti-Virus settings

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hello Berny, thank you !

I’ve tried what you kindly suggested, and it resolved the issue in Chromium, but sadly not in Firefox. I even tried the old “uncheck the box”, save, logged out, and back in again. Nothing.  I don’t want to use Chromium as my default browser though.

I cannot think what in Firefox would be causing this, when it worked perfectly with the free trial release. 


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Hello Berny,

Your post gave me an idea when I realised it was only Firefox misbehaving; for some reason when I upgraded from the free trial to the paid version, Firefox (or something) deleted the Kaspersky Add-on in Firefox. I reinstalled that, et voila!  It all works beautifully now, as intended.

Thank you for taking the time to reply to me today with your helpful answers, I greatly appreciate it. Also the jog to make me realise what ELSE might be amiss within Firefox.

One to note going forward I guess!

Thank you again

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