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Kaspersky Free - How to save activation license file - Save activation code grayed out

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i don't want to activate online to avoid activation limit exceed
Hello f23948, "activation limit exceeded" messages "normally" occur when too many attempts have been made to activate a license: " You have exceeded the maximum number of activations allowed for the entered activation code " Is this the error/issue you wish to avoid or have? Please let us know? Thanks. Kaspersky Lab Product Licenses: Top 10 FAQ - June 25, 2013, Rodion Nagornov How to renew the license for Kaspersky Lab solutions for home
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Hello f23948, When uninstalling any Kaspersky software, the popup (image you've posted) presents options to [tick] or ignore, if any options are unticked [ ] - the UNINSTALL process doesn't retain any information. Are you able to clarify the issue for us please? Many thanks
  1. KAV-Free uninstall - help documentation
  2. KAV-free install - help documentation
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Yes. It's grayed out so I can not tick
Hello f23948, Thanks for replying. I understand. As the Kaspersky software is the free version, unfortunately, there is no Kaspersky Lab Technical Support available. ---- Let's see if we can help.
  1. You want to uninstall current KAVF & install a new KAVF installer?
  2. Have you signed into your MyKaspersky account, disconnected the device so it no longer shows as attached.
  3. Disconnected from the internet.
  4. Run the uninstaller - ignoring the "save license" option
  5. Rebooted the PC using FULL shutdown.
  6. Restarted PC, reconnected to internet, downloaded new installer.
  7. Installed new KAVF
  8. Sync'd KAVF application and the MyKaspersky account
What happens if you follow those steps? Please let us know? Thanks.
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