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Kaspersky destroys software without asking

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I've just set up a mining program and the behavior of Kaspersky is disappointing. Instead of informing me and giving me the joice Kaspersky only shows a permanent window without choice. And then, without my permission it destroys every program which was set up. Be it NiceHash or Cudo Miner. Kaspersky destroys it without informing or giving you a choice.

Yes, I know, AV programs can't recognize bad from good miner apps, but then it shouldn't PRETEND to be able to and give the user the choice. So please ... thanks.

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If you want to use your graphics card as mining device, Kaspersky seems to be the worst choice. I like it, but if I decide to use my pc ressources to mine, Kaspersky prohibits that. I tried to fix the issue, but my PC only runs stable with Kaspersky turned off. If turned on KIS kills the whole PC within seconds and only a hard reset is possible. So KIS is the main threat to the PC now.

I probably switch to Bitdefender or another sensible AV, which doesn't kill the PC if it's mining. 

Comparison cudo miner in Virustotal

Only 5 false positives and KIS, no way.


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Hello @mandrael,

the miner is not detected as malware but as RiskTool. For me this warning is OK.

You can allow the miner and its subroutines in the application control.
Open 'Settings->Application control->Manage applications'.
Find the Miner in the controlled applications and double click on it.
In the next window set the following exceptions:
'Do not monitor application activity' and 'Do not monitor the activity of child applications'.
All this at your own risk!

my example 'dummy.exe':




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a miner is not only one application, but consists of several miners and one mining console. See for example cudominer.com

I tried several things, but Kaspersky kept causing total PC crashs. I tried Bitdefender, but it was even worse. It doesn't allow to interact and destroys everything what it thinks isn't okay without asking or the option to restore it. Finally I tried Eset NOD32 Antivirus, which asks politely and then doesn't crash. I will stay with it as long as I'm mining with my PC. If you're not mining I still consider Kaspersky as the best choice.

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