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Kaspersky blocks Modern Warfare/Warzone/Battle.net updates, game launch, and game saves

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Operating sysyem: Windows 11 but it was happening on Windows 10 as well

Name: Kaspersky Internet Security



Ever since I installed Kaspersky I'm having trouble launching Modern Warfare/Warzone. When I somehow get in after fiddling within Kaspersky exceptions and whatnot it doesn't let my game save, so it's blocking the game making changes on my PC I guess, and every time I restart PC I start having trouble again. 

Today it didn't even let me download an update for Warzone from Battle.net.

No idea what to do anymore, I've put Warzone into exceptions or something, marked it as trustworthy, but none of it helped, and I'm stuck.

Thank you for your replies in advance, hopefully someone else can find your information useful down the line.

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Temporarily disable the software before you attempt to launch Warzone. Be cautious and avoid downloading suspicious files from the Internet when your PC is NOT under protection. If Warzone runs properly when your antivirus is disabled, you know the antivirus is the problem, and you should contact the developers for assistance.

Make sure your antivirus is not blocking Warzone and/or Battle.net. You can also try adding Warzone and/or Battle.net to the whitelist of your antivirus program.

Blizzard Support has a list of security software that’s game-friendly. If you do find your antivirus causing the not-launching problem and are looking for a new one, try those out. Just note that security software is still a common cause for many game issues, so you may still need to check them if you encounter other game errors.

As some of the updates are not antivirus friendly. So this updates are prevented from getting install. So the best steps you can do is disabling it.


J Wick

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This same issue was happening on my system as well. After days of debugging and finding the solution, I ended up deactivating kaspersky before running MW. It worked for me and it will work for you as well. I even talked to my teammates about that but they also suggested this and there is nothing we can at our end.

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