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Kaspersky blocking Vanguard(riot game client). server down error, Problem with Vanguard client, now unable to re install.

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I am unable to start valorant. At first it showed a server down error and upon inspection and adding it to the Kaspersky exclusion from encrypted scan. The game started and showed the loading screen and came up with a VAL 21 error (Problem with Vanguard client). Then i deleted the whole game and downloaded it again. When i try to install it an message pops up saying unable to install.

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Where can download the client? Could you provide the url for it? and what’s the error message, Could you take a screenshot and upload to here?



You will need to create account and download client from there. Login with that account and start downloading valorant and anticheat ( game is free2play so its easy to test). Also Vanguard anticheat will be downloaded and require reboot after installation. After that you can see all problems with KIS and Vanguard.


I usually delete that anticheat because its scanning my pc 24/7 so when i finish playing the game i remove vanguard anticheat.

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