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kaspersky blocking keyboard


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Hi All

I have the same issue and I am using KIS (Kaspersky Internet Security) ?? Sorry for party crashing your topic.

I am on a single computer using win11 updated a ASUS Keyboard (CERBERUS (K2)) USB - The "block" is random and from time to time?? - I just exit Kaspersky and turn him back on... But it is really frustrating - when I am typing and suddenly --- No reaction!! 

I don't have BADUSB attack and any of all those settings you showed here..?

Hope for a solution

Stay Frosty




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1.) Did you try another USB port on PC?
2.) When you pause kaspersky protection from taskbar icon it is better?
3.) Which version of KIS do you have installed?
4.) Reinstallation Kaspersky did you tried?

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Hi nexon,


1: I will try to use another usb port.

2: I just shut down Kaspersky and restart it .... Then my keyboard works again!

3: I have (j)

4: Did not try to reinstall ...

Thx - I will try... 

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Hi Again,

I did change the USB port - Didn't work (But I had to close my Office programs (Outlook) to get the keyboard back this time) KIS was innocent ... (for once) ?

My next move... Reinstall KISS

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Simply i dont think that programs causing problems with your USB ports. I think it will be update drivers of USB. Or if you dont know which update drivers use basic (Microsoft) drivers. 

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