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Kaspersky blocking image printing

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Windows 10 Pro....If I try to save a web page by using "Save as PDF",  in the preview  not all but most of the images show up as blank spaces where the image should be.  If I pause Kaspersky protection for a minute and resave the web page then all of the images show up.  Is Kaspersky blocking  because some viruses can be embedded in an image? 

 I don't want to have to pause Kaspersky every time I want to save a web page to PDF.

What do I need to do or add in 'Settings' to stop Kaspersky from blocking these images?

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Hello @Oswald


  1. Which browser - Chrome, Edge, Firefox?
  2. Which KIS version - on the Windows taskbar or hidden icons, rightclick the Kaspersky icon, select About
  3. Does it help if Private browsing - Allow data collection, is enabled for the web page? 
  4. Does it help if Anti-banner - Allow on this website, is enabled for the web page? 

Please let us know? 

Thank you?




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Browser is Chrome

Protection is KIS

Now I don't know what to think.  I tried the Anti-banner settings and also the Private browsing settings both by themselves one at a time and running with both changes at the same time.  Sometimes it made a difference and sometimes it did  not on my favorite web sites.  I want to look into this further.  Kaspersky may not be as involved as I first led myself to believe.

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Kaspersky Labs Anti-Virus components were replaced in R80.10 image Take 462.

Note: This image contains a suitable replacement for the Kaspersky Lab Anti-Virus components.
This replacement might, in some cases, miss files that were otherwise caught by Kaspersky Lab code and in some cases, prevent malicious files that were otherwise missed.
For customers who wish to use Anti-Virus Deep Scan / Anti-Virus Archive Scanning / Traditional Anti-Virus and for Security Gateway / VSX Gateway with enabled Threat Emulation blade:

Make sure to install the latest Threat Emulation engine.
Or follow sk92509 to install the Basic Package (released on 26 Sep 2017 (version 6.9 or later).

For customers who use Endpoint Anti-Malware:

With Check Point R80.10 new image (Take 462), Endpoint Security Clients acquire their Anti-Malware signature updates directly from an external Check Point signature server or other external Anti-Malware signature resources, as allowed by your organization's Endpoint Anti-Malware policy.

If your organization wants to continue using the Kaspersky Lab signature updates from the Endpoint Management Server, contact Check Point Support for a Hotfix.


J Wick

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