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  1. Browser is Chrome Protection is KIS Now I don't know what to think. I tried the Anti-banner settings and also the Private browsing settings both by themselves one at a time and running with both changes at the same time. Sometimes it made a difference and sometimes it did not on my favorite web sites. I want to look into this further. Kaspersky may not be as involved as I first led myself to believe.
  2. Windows 10 Pro....If I try to save a web page by using "Save as PDF", in the preview not all but most of the images show up as blank spaces where the image should be. If I pause Kaspersky protection for a minute and resave the web page then all of the images show up. Is Kaspersky blocking because some viruses can be embedded in an image? I don't want to have to pause Kaspersky every time I want to save a web page to PDF. What do I need to do or add in 'Settings' to stop Kaspersky from blocking these images?
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