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Kaspersky blocking Frosty Mod Manager

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Hello, I was wondering if this program, Frost Mod Manager, is a virus. I want to use this for modding Star Wars Battlefront, and the program scores a 3/50 on VirusTotal, with Kaspersky detecting it as VHO:Trojan.MSIL.Exnet.gen. Is this a false positive?

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3 hours ago, TechyWizard said:
  1. Is this a false positive?

Hello @TechyWizard,


Submit the file/object to Kaspersky's Virus Lab -> they're the only ones who are able to verify a False positive; follow: Kaspersky application blocks my website or application. What should I do? - this includes an analysis using: https://opentip.kaspersky.com/.

Thank you?

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