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Kaspersky automatically turned on updates, automatically restarts PC during game, displays splash screens for other products. [Closed]

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Hi. I am using Kaspersky Antivirus from many years and before almost year switched to Kaspersky Internet security to my main PC. But that will be the last time I pay to Kaspersky and here is why.


I upgraded my CPU and it has problems with Windows 8.1, caused by windows updates - reddish colours… so I made a clean install and blocked updates. After I put Kaspersky it automatically turned them on without asking so I almost lost few hours of instalations… Spent a lot of time to block them… and to make a clean image of the OS.Kaspersky is recognizing some applications as risk and I ignored them.

Today it updates itself to the newest version and again put them as risk and I had to manually resolve them. After having a bad and heavy thay decided to play a game at midnight and your Kaspersky restarted my PC during the game… just like that… Paaaa… windows is restarting... not only that but it put in front again these “risks” although I “resolved” them and even deleted few.

Well I will try to play another game now instead of sleeping. You lost at least an hour of my time and sleep because you decided that your software will decide when to restart my PC. And after the restart I got some new splash screen messages like from pornosite or like I am using the free versions to get some new kaspersky stuff… No, thank you...

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