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KART for Business makes Windows Server 2016 hang

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Dear support team,

After our server automatically updated to KART for Business we started experiencing strange and random system hangs that required manual power cycling the machines in order to be able again to log in or use the services hosted.

Do you have any reports for similar problems?

We didn't yet tried uninstalling the product yet but the Kaspersky update was the only one thing we did before experiencing such a behavior.

Many thanks and best regards.

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Hi @Vasily Burov,

unfortunately I was not able to see the issue again till now.

I disabled the logger because it was using too much space every day.

I think that this issue is related with the periodic scan the product does.

In fact, the issue is mostly on Monday (when the scan runs).

I will try to enable logging on Sunday.

Maybe those info help.

Best regards.

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