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Kapersky proxy continually prompting for password


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I am running a MS-Windows 10 BYOD laptop in a corporate environment. The company uses PAC (proxy auto-config) configuration and requires each user to login into the proxy for network access (same credentials as domain login). So the network proxy is not transparent. Kaspersky Internet Security (home version) is constantly prompting me to login in. I enter my login and Kaspersky can access the network for database updates etc. The settings under "Proxy Server Settings" are set to "Automatically detect proxy server settings" and the "User proxy server authentication" username and password has been set. What is annoying is I am constantly prompted for a login (up to a dozen times on logging in and then constantly through out the day). The Kaspersky prompt takes focus away from other applications and there appears no way to stop this. Other programs, like VSCode, Intellij PyCharm, Firefox, and Chrome, prompt me once on startup for the network login and then remember the the login for the session. I would like Kaspersky to remember the login and use it. Or use the system proxy settings set in "Control Panel > Internet Properties > Connections > LAN Settings" that is configured for PAC config. What can be done?
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I would like Kaspersky to remember the login and use it. Or use the system proxy settings set in "Control Panel > Internet Properties > Connections > LAN Settings" that is configured for PAC config.
Hello csalsa, Has this always been an issue or just started?
  1. IF, "new" - what has changed in the 24 hours preceding the first event - any hardware, software, network changes - please provide all details?
  2. Please capture screen images of the configured settings, upload to cloud & pm the link please?
  3. Please go to KIS REPORTS, are there any events that match the issue? IF "yes", export ONLY those events, upload the report using the "upload" icon in your reply.
---- Please tell us: Windows full name? version? & build? Kaspersky software: Free or licensed? Version? Patch(x)? x = letter ----- Does PAC gateway have a timeout setting? If yes - please let us know what it is? ----- Have you reset KIS to default, rebooted - retested? ----- Have you:
  1. Uninstalled KIS,
  2. Rebooted using FULL shutdown method.
  3. Downloaded & installed a fresh KIS installer.
  4. Rebooted using FULL shutdown method.
  5. Logged in
  6. Ensured KIS is active, retested issue
IF "yes" please - generate GSI & Windows logs and post back the link? ----- Is everyone using KIS in the Company corporate environment? Please let us know? Thank you https://help.kaspersky.com/KIS/2020/en-US/87342.htm https://support.kaspersky.com/common/diagnostics/3632#block7 https://support.kaspersky.com/14866
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Hi FLOOD Thanks for the reply. For now, I am using a trial license of Kaspersky Internet Security having installed it in the last week for the first time. I have tried uninstalling and later re-installing (with full restarts in between). I am looking to buy a license if I can get past this issue. The company allows BYOD laptops to log into their network and so I am using a self-supported laptop. Most staff use company supplied standard build laptops and different security software to Kaspersky. My laptop is:
  1. Windows 10 Pro, 64-bit OS, x64 processor,
  2. Version 1903, OS build 18362.10012 (slow-ring insider)
  3. 32 GByte memory
  1. Kaspersky Internet Security (c)
  2. Trial license (installed last week, uninstalled and then installed last night)
PAC config set in "Control Panel > Internet Properties > Connections > LAN Settings" Company network proxy is Cisco IronPort gateway. The PAC file only contains route rules and I have not found any infomation on session timeouts. It feels to me that Kaspersky is making calls to the corporate network and each call is not passing the credentials in a way the IronPort network proxy will accept it. Thus the proxy server dialog pops up, but if I enter the username/password each time, I can see Kaspersky doing tasks such as database updates. In the KIS reports, I can see events in the "Database update", that say are similar to: "15.08.2019 15.09.45 Update error Authentication error. Status:: Authentication error. Time: Today, 15-Aug-19 3:09 pm" But there is no other diagnostic information in the report export to text file. Just multiple lines with the same. I have uploaded four files for the KIS network settings, the annoying proxy server pop-up dialog, the database update report extract (having masked the internal host IP address), and the Windows LAN settings dialog. Hope this is helps you help me. :-)
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Cisco IronPort gateway. The PAC file only contains route rules, have not found any infomation on session timeouts.
csalsa Thank you for replying, the images and the report:pray_tone3:.
  1. (A) Have you consulted the company Technical Support team - specifically about the IronPort gateway and configuring your device?
  2. (B) Please consult them and let us know their advice before proceeding with 1. to 6.
  1. Is the Proxy Server, "save user name & password", popup, from KIS? Please show me the full image/screen? (not the censored info:wink:)
  2. The Windows/IE configuration is odd:thinking: - refer A & B
  3. Is the issue happening irrespective of which browser is used?
  4. Please replicate issue and at the same time, run GSI/Windows logs, upload to cloud, include PAC file, pm me the link please?
  5. KIS "Proxy Server" configuration is odd:thinking:, refer A & B. And, please carefully read ALL KIS 2020 documentation - starting point reference below, keeping in mind, all Kaspersky free sfw has limitations.
  6. Please make sure all elements meet KIS 2020 compatibility requirements.
Thanks. GSI ref doc: https://support.kaspersky.com/common/diagnostics/3632#block7 (all) KIS2020: https://help.kaspersky.com/KIS/2020/en-US/87342.htm
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The company has configured the network IronPort proxy in an unusual way. The proxy requests a username/password from the application trying to use the network, even though I am logged in using a Windows domain account. Everyone finds this network proxy frustrating, but that is the way it is here. I have validated the Windows proxy settings on other organization standard build laptops (mine is BYOD). The LAN settings are the same, that is, PAC file set and "Automatically detect settings" set. I speculate that Kaspersky opens network connections on demand, uses them and immediately closes them. For each opening of a network connection, the network IronPort proxy requests username/password credentials and thus the Kaspersky dialog popup. I can test this by manually starting a Kaspersky database update and monitoring using the Kaspersky network monitor. Some applications seem to keep persistent network connections and a few applications cache credentials in the Windows Credentials Manager (but almost only Microsoft applications). All browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Edge) popup dialogs for username/password on startup of the browser and, so long, as one instance/tab of the browser is open, there are no further prompts for username/password when opening new web pages.
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