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Is it safe to torrent only using Kaspersky Internet Security, and no VPN?


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Hello @D14BL0,

Welcome back!

  1. A VPN isn't designed to offer protection against malware/viruses.
  2. Using a VPN for torrent activities is wise, because of the enhanced privacy protection. 
  3. Note, the potential for contamination via torrent is high because files are downloaded from other users devices, you may not know those users, very risky. 
  4. No solution is guaranteed. 

Thank you🙏


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If you’re concerned about hackers and malware - which you should be, take it from someone who had banking, Amazon, Gmail, Comcast, and eBay accounts hacked - you should stay away from torrents.

Simply put, hackers exploit the public’s base or fundamental desire to get something for nothing by not only providing a way to get free software but also giving viruses, trojans, worms, and more along with it!!

At one point not that long ago, hackers were able to write malicious code and package it with everything from movie subtitles to Adobe Acrobat files. The point is to be careful with everything you download - especially files gathered via torrents - as they are not from a single, secure source.

In short, heed much caution when downloading files from questionable sources and never run an executable - especially with elevated privileges - from an unknown or otherwise questionable site.

Someone worried about hackers and malware should completely forget about torrents. 


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So is there no safe way to torrent?

Hello @D14BL0

An article from Kaspersky’s resource center: 

What Is BitTorrent and Is It Safe?

Personally, we would not rely on any software to keep us safe accessing resources from BitTorrent networks.

Thank you🙏


Disclaimer, we have no association with Kaspersky. 

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