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IOS - Kaspersky Security Anti Phishing feature issue


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My device ios version is latest 16.3, kaspersky security app is installed today which is also latest version.

Recently I realize the Anti Phishing feature of Kaspersky Security & VPN ios app didn't work as expected. The app failed to block industry wide agreement fake phishing site  “https : //www.amtso.org/feature-settings-check-phishing-page/“  [link disabled] even with Anti Phishing turned on successfully with VPN apply to the system. Kaspersky classified this phishing test as dangerous link in the MacOS version so there is no reason the IOS version doesn't.

I tested all other security solution on the AppStore, all have the same problem as Kaspersky except one  Antivirus. After try to understand why this other antivirus  successfully block the page with the similar VPN solution, I found they apply 1 thing different, when we turn on advanced anti phishing protection, they add a root ssl certificate which help us to scan https connection.

It means Kaspersky Anti Phishing feature only scan http connection so we can only detect phishing sites if they use http and wont if they use https. It shouldn't work like that because nowadays, almost all the link is https. I think the approach of this other Antivirus  is quite good when they allow user to choose 2 stage of detection. 1st is not advance which they will install a safari extention so the protection will only work in safari, 2nd if we turn on system wide advanced protection, they will request us to install the certificate so they can prevent the thread in all apps.

Please fix this issue, otherwise the anti phishing in ios is useless

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