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Internet Security will not recognize Google chrome already is Default on smartphone

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I own an LG G8 Thin Q Smartphone. it comes with Google Chrome as Its default search engine.  Kaspersky Internet security for Androids does not recognize Google Chrome as my default browser.  Every time that I enter Internet security, it gives me a message to change it to Chrome.

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Please, how can I solve this problem? My device has the same problem (KIS issue notification persists and “Check in-app links in Chrome” option unable to activate).


I already selected Chrome as default browser (several times), cleaned cache, accessibility activated for KIS and restarted the device many times.


Follow the information about the device, system and app:

Device: Huawei Nova 5T

Android version:

Kaspersky Internet Security Premium:

Chrome: 83.0.4103.83


I'm worried about the protection of my smartphone and Internet browsing for at least 2 months.


Thank you all. Best regards.

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