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Internet Security unable to update [Closed]

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After the New Year, KIS is no longer able to update it’s Database tables.
KIS Version

Currently there is a red icon with a white exclamation point.
When I manually attempt to update my database is just cycles, but never does anything.
It seems like the servers are experiencing some issue or something is reading the system time /date wrong in 2020.

I’m running Windows 8.1.
All updates have been applied to Windows, and KIS.
All drivers have been updated.
System has been checked for malware.
System date time has been confirmed as correct.
Registry has been confirmed.

Screenshots are attached...


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Here is another thing I’ve found which is highly irregular. 

12/25/2019 was the last update I received.
For some reason that particular update took 21 minutes 4 seconds.

Every single database update prior only took about 1-2 mins to apply.

So it seems that something changed on 12/25.
Perhaps that update sent at that time was bad, or became corrupted during installation, which explains why it took 20 m to complete.

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Hello  @mikegonzalez2k,


The first image with, with Database release date 25/12/2019, (imo), & the duration of the update, (imo), was when patch f was applied. 

Has the system been fully shutdown since the issue began? 

In the KIS GUI & or Reports, there’s no: Databases are out of date” and "Databases are extremely out of date" notifications?

Please export the KIS All Events Report, select 30days, save as a .txt file & 📎 attach to your reply please? 

Please let us know?

Thank you


Automatic or scheduled update does not start in a Kaspersky Lab application

Update errors

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