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Internet Security constantly signs me out of Google accounts (including Youtube)

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This has been an issue with older versions, and for a bit there it seemed patched, but yet here we are once again.  I am using Mozilla Firefox as my main browser, I am also currently using Internet Security ver. (b).  I am constantly signed out of my Google accounts and it is a pain considering I have multiple gmail addresses for various needs, and multiple times a day I have to re-sign into every one of these accounts.

In the past users were told to upgrade to the new “fixed” version of Internet Security, which like I said, worked for a bit until the newer versions created this issue yet again.  I don’t think a solution of “just use Chrome” is valid.  As a consumer, I shouldn’t have to switch up my browsing methods because a product I pay for creates issues that have been an issue for probably over a year now.

So any other suggestions?

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