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Instructions for participating in the beta testing program on the Kaspersky Support Forum.

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Good afternoon
Below is a short introductory instruction for participating in beta testing.
You can find out about the release of a new build or patch, and download installers for yourself in the news section.
You can report a problem found in the beta build in the Kaspersky/KSOS/KSDE and KES sections, respectively.
Please upload dumps to the appropriate section.
In the patches section, please post only problems related to patches available for testing.
Please pay attention to the rules for working with links:
Messages with links will be subject to pre-moderation. After we download the traces/dumps, we will delete your link and publish the post itself with the appropriate mark.

Please do not publish the same post if the original one is still under moderation, this is not necessary!

It is advisable to follow the rule - 1 problem per 1 message.
Application operation logs are located at C:\ProgramData\Kaspersky Lab\[application name and version]\traces.
Please also attach screenshots and videos.
If you see a message about a product crash on a previous launch and the application asks you to send a report, do not send it if possible! Instead, go to the traces folder, find the dump files and create a topic in the appropriate section of the product. Otherwise, it will be sent to the general user support server and it will be difficult for us to get feedback if necessary.

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