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Install kaspersky on Android

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4 hours ago, sophia123456 said:

How can I install Kaspersky on android, is it free to use?

Hello @sophia123456,


Your original reply was in a Kaspersky Safe Kids topic, we replied there, as follows:

  1. Check Kaspersky Safe Kids, Hardware and software requirements
  2. Please read & follow: Kaspersky Safe Kids for Android & KSK, Get started on Android - the KSK app is available from Google Play Store or Huawei app store. 
  3. There is a free version of Kaspersky Safe Kids, please see: Kaspersky Safe Kids for Android/iOS, About free, trial, and Premium versions
  • ?IF (your) query is for Kaspersky Internet Security, please post back, we'll write up instructions for that as well?

Thank you?

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