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Import from 1Password 7.4.750 identified as Dashlane

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Hello. export from 1Password ver 7.4.750 are identified as Dashlane data when importing to KPM.

This results into zero login being imported.

INF kpm::migration::CsvFile::Export CSV format detected as Dashlane
0x2604 DBG kpm::migration::CsvFile::Export Detected headers: Undefined
0x2604 DBG kpm::migration::CsvFile::Export [Dashlane][0] skip row. Not supported object type: 1

Is there any workaround how to get over this? Updating csv columns list after export or such?

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Hello @milan_sr


Kaspersky Password Manager supports importing from:

    LastPass (version 4.17.1)
    KeePass (version 2.40)
    Dashlane (version 6.5)
    1Password (version 7.2)
    Norton Identity Safe as part of the solution Norton Security (version

Kaspersky Technical Support may be able to advise if there’s a solution for importing from 1Password ver 7.4.750🤔

Please let us know the outcome when it’s available? 

Thank you🙏



Supported password managers

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