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If I don't want Password Manager and Secure connection is there any point in using Security Cloud Free as opposed to Antivirus Free?

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Hi, I have been a long time user of Kaspersky Antivirus Free but uninstalled it and then found that if I searched for Kaspersky Free UK the only options available for free is Kaspersky Security Cloud. My question is ....... Why is the Kaspersky Antivirus Free no longer available/offered for download? If I don't want to use the Password Manager or the Secure Connection modules then is there any benefit to the Security Cloud product over Antivirus Free anyway? I am also not looking to control my PC (do a scan etc) from the Kaspersky portal so in essence I can see no point for me of the Security Cloud. The only thing I can see that it does is give Kaspersky another means to push their paid products. That is fair enough and if that is the reason then that is fine. I just wish they would give the option of the Antivirus Download again unless I am really missing something. Am I? thanks Paul
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