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If a site is not secure(no green lock) should I avoid going on it or just avoid entering information.


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Hello  @D14BL0,


  1. Do you mean no green padlock or no green (Kaspersky) shield? 
  2. Does the issue happen in every browser?
  3. What browsers are being used?
  4. Are Kaspersky Protection extensions/addons installed and enabled in all  browsers?
  5. Please PM (me) a link for a site with the issue?
  6. Please post am image of the issue?

Thank you🙏

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Hello  @D14BL0,

  • The browser Padlock in the URL bar and Kaspersky shields are completely different
  • Browser developers are responsible for Padlocks.

Grey padlocks, Google & Firefox have both changed from green to grey, PIA (imo).

A Padlock with an exclamation mark, a yellow warning or any other aberration, should be treated with caution.

Click on any Padlock to see the extended site security detail.

Green Kaspersky shield indicates safe website, according to Kaspersky Security Network. 

Grey Kaspersky shield indicates unknown, not rated website by Kaspersky Security Network.

Yellow Kaspersky shield indicates warning,  according to Kaspersky Security Network.

Red Kaspersky shield indicates DANGER,  according to Kaspersky Security Network.

Thank you

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