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I want to stop renewal of my license

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I looked up how to stop my renewal but none of them is right. I cant find my order number nor is there a button to manage my license in my kaspersky page

There is suppose to be a mange license button where the red circle is, according to my research. 

I really need to cancel my renewal, this has been burning a hole in my pocket for years now.

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Hello @zhen


According to Kaspersky, if the license was brought from within the MyKaspersky account, there will be the option to cancel Auto-renew, however, if it was brought using a Kaspersky website, there’s no cancel option in (your) MyKaspersky account & Kaspersky recently changed the MyKaspersky portal, so, if you’re having trouble, the fastest way to fix this is contact Kaspersky Technical Support, given them the KIS Activation code & License number, they will help. 

There’s also options to go thru the process on the Purchase and payment help documentation, by identifying the e-commerce partner from whom you purchased the product, using the history of your card transactions, but, it’s much simpler to contact TS. 

Note, if you purchased the license from someone other than Kaspersky, you need to contact that merchant. 

Thank you🙏

Flood🐳 +🐋

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