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I suggest that Kasperky test this program to see if it is a virus

Igor Moura

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This program that claims to be an autoclicker is not considered a virus by Kaspersky, but its behavior is quite suspicious, and I would like to warn you about being a possible virus not yet traceable.


It is a file that needs to be installed (it is not necessary for an autoclicker to be an installable program).
When installed, it forces you to run it as an administrator, in addition to forcing you to restart the PC to complete the changes, it changes access permissions, which run when restarting the pc, where it changes computer control settings by disabling Control User Account (UAC) that notifies about attempts by applications or users to make some changes to the computer, gaining full access to computer permissions without the user knowing (was warned by kaspersky anti-virus itself), and is a setting that does not there is a way to go back by antivirus, except by restarting the PC (which is exactly what the program is wanting you to do, that is, there is no guarantee that kaspersky will be able to remove the permissions when restarting the computer), it also disables antivirus protections automatically.
Your executable file is not yet traceable by most antiviruses, but why would an autoclicker need so many permissions, be installable, restart the PC and mess with the antivirus settings?


I've already reported the program to the download site I downloaded, but I'd like it to be noticed as a virus by kaspersky




File reviewed by kaspersky threat intelligence portal:


Has not identified any dangers, but I still suspect this program, what it asks for a simple autoclicker is abnormal.

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