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I have been facing this file contains virus download apk?

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  1. Never ever download apk other than from Google Play Store
  2. Even from Google Play Store, do not think that they will be clean 100%.
  3. Always remember there is no antivirus strong enough to clean viruses or malwares on an android phone especially when the phone is rooted.

Typically, I use Chrome when downloading games from sites verified by Google, such as  https : // x8spedersapk . id/ .To answer your question, it’s already very much wrong that you downloaded an app from other source than Play Store. Second, you found out that the apk contains virus and how? I mean if an apk contains virus and if you’re sure, you don’t just delete the apk, you also ban the website because it means that the website is giving out infected apks. Never trust them again, never download from them again.


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Hello @Zara Browne


  • 💥x8spedersapk.id is not an app distributed via Google Play store. It's purpose is to hack games by speeding up game characters. In this way individuals can complete levels/collect unlimited coins. 
  1. On the Android phone, run a KIS Full scan, allow it to complete & make sure there are no detections? 
  2. Use Kaspersky's Threat Intelligence Portal, scan x8spedersapkalso select the Submit to reanalyse, fill in your email address & a detailed history & send to Kaspersky's virus lab for analysis. 
  3. Please share the outcome with the Community, when it's available? 
  • Note, if support from the Kaspersky Technical expert team is required, rooting the Android device may void the support contract. 



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