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I Cannot use virtual keyboard on my homebanking to fullfill some blanks like user and password.


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I have windows 10 22h2 with Kaspersky free edition and the browser extension for Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox All the latest updates installed.

Previously, i had to uninstall the antivirus and reinstall again.

Now i am facing exactly the same problem.

I Stopped the antivirus and started again.

I test in more than one browser and doesn't work even.

What more can i do to fix the problem!?

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Which version you use? Also after installing kaspersky is better do manual update database and restart pc. After restart pc is fully funktional virtual keyboard. Without restart you can not run virtual keyboard.
EDIT: you are using Kaspersky free and there is limited protection and features.
Please see : https://usa.kaspersky.com/free-antivirus#compare-table

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this happens to me only one banking sight weird bugs. i have had many issues since updating from KIS to standard. all reported to tech support. and told should be fixed next update. me thinks just another run around . not holding up any hope. 1 month and same issue.

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