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I are hacked on the server on Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas - Grand Theft Auto Multiplayer

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Hello everyone, how are you? Good morning, good afternoon and good night. Look how interesting, I played Grand Theft Auto Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas and surprisingly, the administrator of the server I played on has bad intentions, I had a fight with him. It turned out that my computer and router connected to his server, and I believe he managed to steal my password through that. But look. How did I get attacked after formatting the HD and rewriting it in the BIOS? And rewritten the router Firmware? How is this possible? It happened that I did the formatting and cleaning process (disinfection) and it didn't solve the problem, I entered my Microsoft account (Outlook), I clicked on enter, I was redirected to a fake Microsoft page and I entered the email and password and then was redirected to the original page. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE? Could the MASTERS help me? It looks like a movie, my Facebook was stolen. Even formatting, how is this possible? Any theories? I contacted Intel and MICROSOFT, luckily my PC parts are under warranty and from what I understand it would only be resolved with reverse engineering, because even formatting and connecting to another network with another IP, my hardware's firmware remains the same and doesn't work. This is a common virus, but a complex one and hackers. They stole my CPF, to commit CRIMES, this happened in Brazil, the country of organized CRIME. Kaspersky urgently needs to create antivirus that detects hardware malware, such as video cards, memory, USB devices, keyboard and mouse and to top it off processors, is it easy? 

kaspersky needs to invest in technology that detects this incident, especially in the case of espionage to steal personal data as was my case. 

Could anyone show me some technology or something to try to save some computers? And HDs, or is this a case of throwing the PC in the trash and buying a new one?

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