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How to terminate my account and claim a refund?

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If I want to terminate my account can I claim a refund?


Hello @BristolPete


Thank you🙏

Flood🐳 +🐋

Additional resource:

How to delete your account

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One does wonder…..

I have removed Kaspesky (sadly) from all my machines yesterday - maybe an overreaction but I want to be safe and sure and at the moment any Russian software and services (used outside of Russia) is a risk too far.  \deleted\


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Sadly, I have to agree with the above. I continued to use Kaspersky even in the face of the US government denouncement of the product. I do love Kaspersky and have recommended it to everyone I know. However, the question of trust can no longer be ignored.  

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Hi all!

Kaspersky is a private global cybersecurity company, and our job is to protect our customers across the globe, including their data, from any cyber threats.
And as a private company, Kaspersky does not have any ties to the Russian government and moreover Kaspersky is not subject to Russia’s System of Operative Investigative Measures (SORM) or other similar laws, and is not obliged to provide information, since the company doesn’t provide communication services. This has been confirmed by a third-party independent legal assessment of the Russian legislation related to data-processing. The results are freely available online and provide an unbiased and fair legal assessment.
Furthermore, our customers can be confident in the integrity and security of Kaspersky’s solutions, its engineering practices and data services. These have been confirmed by third party independent assessments as well, such as the SOC 2 Audit Type 1 report and during the certification for ISO 27001.
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