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How to subscript the Kaspersky VPN via Google Play

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I have used the Kasperksy VPN Premium account, login on Laptop and my android phone.

On android phone, I am using both: Kaspersky IS for Android, and Kaspersky VPN. But only Kasperksy IS can subscript on phone, kaspersky VPN is not.


How can I subscript on phone without buying on Laptop/website?

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3 hours ago, Danila T. said:


Judging by your account, you already have a Kaspersky VPN subscription and it is available in your My Kaspersky.

You need use Kaspersky: https://support.kaspersky.com/KISA/Android_11.82/en-US/95086.htm  It already has a built-in VPN. After installing the product, connect it to your My Kaspersky.


Thanks for your responding. Currently, I am using Kaspersky for Android, VPN feature already there. 

My question that if the account expired, on android phone only support for renew(subscript) the kaspersky for Android, not for Kaspersky VPN. 

How can I renew the Kaspersky VPN on phone?

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