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How to renew KEA unique identifier on cloned devices [Kaspersky Endpoint Agent]

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You may use images with installed KEA that are distributed to multiple devices, or some hardware vendors (ACER) do not comply with standards and sell hardware with non-unique BIOS IDs, etc.

As a result, a telemetry from different agents may end up merged into a single record.


  • Certain hostnames are present in KATA alerts, but search returns 0 events. Moreover, such hostnames are not present in the agent list. If looked up by an IP in the database/logs, UUID is found to be non-unique or belonging to other host.
  • The same UUID is found in KEA logs from different machines.
  • There is UUID 03000200-0400-0500-0006-000700080009 in the logs.
  • There is UUID 6ab5b300-538d-1014-9fb5-b0684d007b53 in the logs.
  • There is UUID 0bea76da-28ca-4e13-9715-361a8bbf3bc8 in the logs.


Run the new script on the affected machine to reset the UUID.

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