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How to remove ad/ popup "Install Kaspersky Password Manager"

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I don’t want password manager and never will on most of my systems where I pay for kaspersky licenses.

I’m also concerned about having passwords managed on systems that have semi public access sometimes, where this program is trying to get installed by deceiving non advanced users (even advanced users can fall in this trap by just clicking “ok” without thinking).

Is there a way to prevent these popups?

It really feels like using any company’s free antivirus might be ok if you are pushing ads/click traps on the paid product anyway.




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Hello  @danielocdh,


Thank you for raising this important issue👏

1Uninstall KPM 

2 Don’t  select “Do not ignore

Uncheck  Install Kaspersky Password Manager

  • However, KIS application will still show KPM module on the KIS application front screen. The KPM module will be “clouded”, similar to Protection for kids (in my image). 
  • And, when there a KIS major update, KPM will again be bundled, and you’ll have to repeat steps 1 to 3😠

(imo), it’d be better if a install  KPM [yes] [no] prompt was offered, during KIS install, upgrade🤔

Thank you🙏

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Hello @queshaw,


Thank you for posting, “put an obvious No button and do not show this again, in the popup”, we agree👌

The other option is to have the “additonal” modules announced during an install / update, that way Kaspersky Customers can choose which modules are required.

The issue and options have been raised with Kaspersky Technical Support, hopefully they will apply a fix in the not to distant future🤔

Thank you🙏

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This is a mess.

I installed the Kaspersky anti virus and got ton’s of other modules I do not want.

I use the Lastpass solution since Kaspersky was installed, the lastpass suggested password does not show anymore 
instead I receive the most annoying  “use password manager” Kaspersky popup that drives me crazy.
I tried to follow the above instructions and they are most confusing.
1. I never installed KPM
2. where to I go in step 2? I guess it’s “Kaspersky internet security” , where the heck is it?
    I have the Kaspersky Protection chrome extension that comes with the mist vague description, only god know what’s it’s doing 
3. I go to Kaspersky secure connection the “secure internet connection is dimmed” what the hell does that mean?
4. tried setting, turned off the receive information messages, the dam popup still shows 
This is f..k up. My desire to use your anti virus DOES NOT mean that you take control of my laptop, DOES NOT mean that you stop Lastpass.
Your description and instruction are vague and confusing.


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Hello @mlivneh,


We understand your frustration, some of us had similar experiences, that, in part, is why we’re members of this Community. The Kaspersky Community is made up of users of Kaspersky software (like you) , all who give their time freely, to help other Community members (like you). 

Please contact Kaspersky Technical Support, on the Support page, select your location, select Application use, select from options: Online Chat (not available all locations), Phone (not available all locations), & or Submit a request → via your MyKaspersky account. 

Thank you🙏


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