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How to remotely uninstall KEA Core Patches through KSC [Kaspersky Endpoint Agent]

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Most of the time KEA core patches are cumulative and it is sufficient to install the newer one on top of the previous in order to fix new issues.

However, sometimes, for troubleshooting purposes or otherwise, you would need to remove an existing patch. This is how it's done.

Step-by-step guide

  1. In the Administration Console, go to Advanced → Remote installation → Installation packages;
  2. In the right frame, click Create installation package;
  3. Select Create installation package for specified executable file;
  4. Enter the name for the package and click Next;
  5. Click Select and specify the path to the MSP file with the patch. The file must be located in the folder with MSP and MSI files of the major application version;
  6. In the Executable file command line field enter the following:  


    Example of the path to uninstall KEA 3.9 Core 11:

    /i {B310DC3B-8C5A-4C9D-A054-DFEEF8549B9B} MSIPATCHREMOVE={3891229E-A660-4416-B662-F5ED41B7B771} /qn

    GUIDs of KEA msi and Core msp files can be found into properties of these files under Details tab in the Revision Number line

  7. Click Next→ Finish;
  8. Create a remote installation task with this installation package for a device or a group of devices;
  9. Run the task to remove the patch.
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