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How to install patches on password-protected KEA [Kaspersky Endpoint Agent]

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As the first step of troubleshooting of KEA, we recommend installing the latest core patch.

However, sometimes such installation will fail. There are two popular causes of this:

  1. EULA is not accepted;
  2. KEA installation is protected with a password.

This guide addresses both of these issues.

# in Password Symbol

Due to limitations in KSC, when creating a custom package for remote deployment in KSC, or editing package configuration file (.kpd) directly, if password contains "#"  symbol, it won't work. Examination of saved package shows everything afterwards and including # is lost from command line. This is because in (.kpd) configuration files # is a sign of a single string comment. Thus # is invalid symbol and cannot be used in command line. Behavior is expected from KSC side and cannot be changed. We recommend not to use # in password.

Step-by-step guide

The following options need to be provided to the installer:


This instructs the installer to accept the EULA. 


This is required if the installation of KEA is protected with a password. Replace "password" with the actual value of the password.

Local installation

The resulting line for local installation may look like this:

msiexec /p critical_fix_core9(private).msp disclaimer=1 UNLOCK_PASSWORD=password

Remote installation

The same options can be used when deploying remotely via KSC. Specify them as follows:


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