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How to install a patch on multiple SVMs at once [KSV]

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Description and cautions

This article describes how to install a patch on multiple SVMs at once via Kaspersky Security Center.


  • Create an installation package from a .kud file included with the patch
    • Advanced  Remote installation  Installation packages  Create installation package
    • Choose Create an installation package for a Kaspersky application
    • Choose a name for the package
    • Select the .kud file in the file picker
  • Create a remote installation task for that package
    • Select the installation package → Install application
    • If there is a separate group for SVMs, choose Install on a group of managed devices, otherwise choose Select devices for installation
    • Select the administration group/devices to install the patch on
    • Use default installation settings
    • Choose Do not place license key in installation package
    • Choose No account required
    • Start patch installation
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