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How to completely remove KSE manually after various installation issues [Kaspersky Security for Microsoft Exchange Server]

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When installing or upgrading KSE, you may encounter various issues when installing or starting our service. If a user has repeated the installation many times and changed many settings manually, we recommend to remove KSE completely using the instructions below. 


There are files that remain in the system from a previous KSE installation, so a new installation cannot be successful.


Delete the remaining KSE files from the Exchange server manually. Follow the instructions below.

1. Delete all the remaining KSE agents. To do so, start Exchange Management Shell and run the following command:

Get-TransportAgent -TransportService FrontEnd

       If the KSE agent is on the list, run the command:

Uninstall-TransportAgent -TransportService FrontEnd -Identity "Kaspersky Security antispam Frontend Cas agent"

2. Run the following command:


See what KSE agents are on the list.

Run the command below for every KSE agent.

For example:

Uninstall-TransportAgent “Kaspersky Security routing antispam filter agent”
Uninstall-TransportAgent “Kaspersky Security antispam filter agent”
Uninstall-TransportAgent “Kaspersky Security antivirus filter agent”

Insert the names of KSE agents from your list.

3. Restart the Transport Agent service using the command:

Restart-Service "MSExchangeTransport"

4. To make sure that there are no more KSE agents, run the following commands again:

Get-TransportAgent -TransportService FrontEnd



5. Set Disabled for Kaspersky Security For Microsoft Exchange Servers service startup and stop our service.

6. Import the removeregkeys.zip archive to the registry.

7. Restart the MSExchangeIS service:

restart-Service MSExchangeIS

8. Remove the folder where KSE was installed.

If possible, restart the server.

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