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How to change installed components for built-in KEA [Kaspersky Endpoint Agent]

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If you install standalone Kaspersky Endpoint Agent, both KSC installation package and local installer provide option to choose, which KEA components to install:


However, when KEA is installed in built-in scenario, bundled with KES or KSWS, you don't get to choose and KEA is installed in default configuration, with all the components.

There's a way to select installed KEA components even for built-in scenarios.

Using install_props.json for changing installed components

As KEA section of Online Help states, it is possible to configure installation options via install_props.json. EDR Optimum help even describes how to use it for built-in scenario. However, installer options for components selection are not covered by Online Help.

Directives and values

ADDLOCAL directive defines, which components of KEA will be installed.

REMOVE directive defines which components will not be installed.

There are five possible values for directives in KEA now:

ALL Default value. Installs all available features, can only be used this way: ADDLOCAL=ALL
Core Core functionality of Endpoint Agent. Must be installed.
KATA KATA/EDR Expert and other message brokers integration.
SB Kaspersky Sandbox integration
EDR EDR Optimum


This example will install Endpoint Agent with KATA integration, but without Kaspersky Sandbox integration:


How to use the file

File (example) with options should be placed next to the Kaspersky Endpoint Agent installer, endpointagent.msi.

For the remote installation via KSC, location should be similar to

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