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How much time does it take for security profiles to update and save on users?

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I am using Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud. When I make any changes to security profiles for a user or a group, how much time does it take for these changes to be sent to the Kaspersky software on the PC? Is there any way to make the changes immediately or quickly?



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The synchronization time between the client and the server is 15 minutes.

In your solution - the server cannot speed up this process in any way and just waits for clients to contact it during the next synchronization period to give it new instructions.

Well, and of course you must realize that the client does not always have the opportunity to connect to the server, in its next period ... because of, for example, a bad internet connection.

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Yeah, that's about right.

and since each client has a different synchronization period, the same 15 minutes, but, for example you applied the policy at 11-55, one has the start of countdown from 12-00 (and every 15 minutes) the other 12-10 ... they will receive the update not at the same time, but with a small difference in time ...


I hope I didn't confuse you 🙂
in general yes, on average 15 minutes to update the client's information

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