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how do i stop KIS from blocking my steam games?

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For some reason, KIS has started to block my Steam games from getting internet access.

I play games on Steam that require access to a verification server to run/start for login...
Like the FFXIV Launcher and WorldOfGuns...

Pausing KIS doesnt work - it still blocks them.
Even though I put them in the "do not block" list... it still blocks them.
And that exceptions list keeps resetting to an empty one every time I start my pc. (which is frustrating)

The only way I found around it is to turn KIS completely off - start the program - then start KIS again.

Where are the settings to configure so that KIS knows to leave the programs alone, or at least stops blocking them from getting the access they need?

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I have:  Kaspersky total security - pardon for not mentioning that.
I thought it was because if the internet part that it was the kis-part that was blocking it all.

And I also discovered that it's blocking other programs like affinity photo from getting server verification access.
I have no idea why its doing that...
It was working fine a few months ago.

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7 hours ago, JackMace said:

So i just need to download the new version of KTS and thats it?

You can upgrade for free from KTS to Kaspersky Plus .
Under normal conditions you can proceed with an on-top install , Kaspersky Plus will import your license information + settings + bank accounts .. etc, when the installation is completed please reboot + update Databases.

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