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How do I stop Kaspersky Premium from asking if the router i am connected to is my home network?

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47 minutes ago, Berny said:

@7yuitgutu Welcome.

Please check : Security → ⚙️Firewall → Available networks → home → ? Trusted network ?

Thank you for your reply. It is set to trusted network and yet the notification pop keeps asking me if it is my home network. 

Screenshot (18).png

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Same issue here.

Kaspersky Premium never stops asking me after boot if my router (Internet Provider Box) is my home network.

Even worse, all the devices I registered as known (and changed their names so I can easily recognize them) are forgotten and appear again as "unknown device".

I have already set my network as trusted on in Firewall settings (as advised above), but it changes nothing.

Actually, Kaspersky considers each time it's a new network (even if all my IPs are the same as fixed through permanent dhcp leases by my routeur, so it also forgets "not to notify me" as I set it up.

My Kaspersky Premium version is Btw, my desktop is connected through an ethernet wire to my router.

Please tell how to fix this issue.



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