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How do I get a copy of my activation code?

Jef Kirby

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I can’t find a copy of my activation code anywhere. I’ve searched my email, been through the user forum - I know my subscription is active and the scan function works.. I’m using Kaspersky Free for windows (I think) & definitely  using Kaspersky Cloud based.

My laptop - the only machine using my Kaspersky account- is running on Windows 10

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Schulte Hello

 I was and am trying to access parts of Kaspersky having to do with my accounts activation. what started today’s adventure was a notification that my email account might’ve been compromised. That led me to checking my Kaspersky account which led to the need for an activation code..

I still don’t know what about my opening my gmail up caused the Kaspersky notification; Only other piece of info I’ve got for you is I used links in my email to open some zoom meetings. I realize this reply is a little disjointed - I’m having trouble remembering my order of procedure, that is: once i started trying to find the reason for the compromised email notification I got kinda lost in how to operate Kaspersky.

 Thanks also to FLOOD for pointing out the free version doesn’t have an activation code

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Hello @Jef Kirby

You’re most welcome🙂 !

  • Kaspersky Security Cloud Free does send email address leak alerts, they use similar to ';--have i been pwned?, which is available (for anyone) to use, even without Kaspersky software. 
  • KSC has Account Check & Password Security Check features, the full functions are only available to holders of Personal & or Family license, however, the features do run in the background, you will get notifications.
  • Note, if you’ve received notifications & or alerts that do not make a sense, please post images & or, if there’s any remaining issues please post back?

@Schulte, maybe @Jef Kirby wished for you to pick up this topic, please join?

 Thank you🙏


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