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having more than 5 devices but the 10 devices plan is too much

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hello, i have a total of 6~7 devices and it’s an odd number for existed the plan which is 10 devices, I know i can buy 2 separated license to fit all the device in but because of the price difference stopped me. there more devices a plan is the cheaper it will be, and yes I’m a cheapskate and trying to figure out how to save more, and i know there’s other antivirus product out there with the price cheaper than kaspersky. I have been using various brand, and i like kaspersky the most, with all the other product have come to reaching expired, i wish to switch them all to kaspersky, that why i’m facing this problem now, either spending more having two license or stick with the other brand product to save more.

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Hello @jeffchua


(ioo), getting the best software for the best money is smart, saving money is smart, or trying to, is smart. 

We’ve checked our region, we can buy a KTS license for 7 devices/2 years/2users, however, for KIS we can only buy a 5 then 10 devices/2 years/2users; same result on Kaspersky global website… 

Some of Kaspersky’s marketing aspects may be region specific, because we don’t know your location/region we can’t check🤔

However, if your local www site is similar to ours (for a KIS license), it’d be better to go with the Global www, even tho it’s 10 devices, atm it’s very competitively priced






Thank you🙏


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