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Has the "interactive protection" option disappeared from Internet Security?

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I just installed Internet Security version and can't find the "interactive protection" option.

Previously, I used version but unfortunately I had to reinstall Windows and now, in the new KIS version I can't find this option anywhere.

In the previous version it was easily available - Setings / General / Interactive protection and now it is nowhere to be found ...

Earlier, I chose this Product because of this feature - I want to control what is happening on my computer. How can I enable this function now? Maybe some registry entry?


Please help...

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I thought it was it, but unfortunately after unchecking this option during the installation of programs, I am not asked if I agree to the changes that the application wants to make.

Anything else I need to select besides this option?

Earlier, I was asked if I allowed access to the network, whether I allowed writing to the registry, etc.

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Yes the 2 solution worked for me (( Unchecked the “Uncheck Perform Actions Automatically” Under “Settings > General” , & also “Uncheck 2 options under “Settings > Application Control” )) even it worked without System restart, or you can make restart of your computer if they didn’t do it at once, now I have Interactive / manual firewall mode, thanks everyone

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