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Government spyware ?

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I am victim of a group of hacker that are spying me since 2 or 3 years. They claim to be or work for the Italian government. I’m not a criminal and I’m not under investigation (I mean from the police), then there is not any legal reason to spy me.  I’m not a medium user because I have a good knowledge about the main unix operating system like linux and bsd indeed recently I installed windows10 just as last chance to solve this problem. Before I installed linux and especially openbsd and hardenedbsd. Those last two unix are focused in security. Anyway also with windows + kaspersky internet security + kaspersky secure connection (vpn)  I didn’t solve anything.

I have two hypothesis: or it’s a firmware malware or they do  the attack from the router with some kind of mitm (man in the middle) to the browser and to the vpn.

There aren’t a lot of evidence just that they manipulate google results, or youtube advice/result or ads. The manipulation sometime contains threats.

Of course kaspersky av doesn’t find anything. I tried to run the rootkit detector gmer and I receive an entire system crash before its end scanning and a reboot.

Other strange things are that when I scroll down the comments on a youtube video the browser try to load them but without success. If I remove the configuration folder of chrome it works for a while (some hours) and after that it back to not load the comments. 


Anyway help would be very appreciated.


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