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Google Chrome Webcam, the setting at mail.google.com is always changed by Kaspersky


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Hey guys,

Kaspersky 2020 (full version) runs on a computer of a friend. Furthermore, Google Chrome is installed there. The setting of the Chrome for the webcam is asked. Strangely enough, the setting at mail.google.com is always changed by Kaspersky
'Google Chrome uses webcam'. In fact, only with Google Mail.
I can exclude malware. I work in IT myself and installed the computer with a fresh USB stick. According to the logs, the behavior was visible shortly after Chrome was installed, with no program other than KIS installed.
I would only be interested in what gmail needs access to and ignores the global browser settings regarding demand, or whether the behavior also occurs with others?
Kind regards

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Hello Berny,

thank you for the welcome.
I have read the article and have already set the application setting to Deny.
I was just amazed why Chrome only seems to use the cam with Googlemail.
Can you tell me if the behavior is normal for Chrome (user feedback). I have already found a post in the forum (https://community.kaspersky.com/b2c-deutschsprachiges-benutzer-forum-62/gmail-und-kts-1869), but I might want to have a meaningful confirmation.


Best regards 

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