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Full scan report shows strange number of files scanned.


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Window report that I have 525000 files on my C: drive.


Previous full scan with a competitor product report around that number of files scanned


Kaspersky cloud free report that 10,78,362  files has been scanned


How one interpret 10,78,362 ? Or how many files is 10,78,362 ?


This number doesnt make sense as far as I know , 


I need to understand that


Thanks for your help,



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@homer1959 You are welcome. When we suspect a Bug we always refer to K-Lab Technical Support.

A problem can be submitted here https://center.kaspersky.com or also to K-Lab France https://center.kaspersky.com/fr 

Tech Support is however only available for Kaspersky paid pruducts which is not your case with KSC 2020 Free

What you however could try in the meantime is setting the option “Scan only new or changed files”

then proceed with a new scan and see how the endresult comes out.


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Hello @homer1959,

  • I’ve run the Full Scan on one machine, the number of files scanned are formatted correctly:


  • I have another machine running a Full Scan, it’s been running for 20hours, has another 8 to go😴 , I’ll let you know the result.
  • I can confirm the Stopped, Resume events, they appear to coincide with “some” Database Updates. 
  • Does your machine meet the necessary KSCloud system requirements?
  • Before installing KSCloud was a software compatibility check done? 
  • Has a cleanup of:




been done? 

Please let me know?

Thank you🙏


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Flood, Berny

Problem solved 😉 , i decided to re-install KSC Free and voila , the comma are now at the right place giving me a number making way more sense, the last scan returned 1,616,919 yeah !!! The scan last 4hr 28 mn !!!  Its a lot of files and I am surprised about that since other AV never returned that amount, not even close . But maybe this is why KSC is the best free AV available to home users ? 🤔


I have scheduled a full scan once a week is it too much ? I dont mind to work my hard drive intensively for 4hrs 30 a week but only if it is necessary . I have also scheduled a daily quick scan .


anyway , merci beaucoup to you both for your support its really appreciated to have people like you in this community , have a great week !!!

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Hello @homer1959

You’re very welcome!

I’m delighted to read the uninstall/reinstall resolved the Full Scan, number of files scanned, unusual formatting problem🤸

  • Regarding weekly Full  Scan, “personal choice” comes into play here. 
  • Full scans are always recommended after a new install, a re-install, or a contamination, other than that, run on a “as needs” or “as desired” schedule. 

Thank you🙏


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